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35 years ago we were introducted to a group of teens who were.. a little different. Up until that point all heros were people like Captain America, Spider Man, and The Avengers. However all those people gained their special powers through different events. Whereas these teens were given special powers through birthright. They are Home-Sapien-Superior or "Mutants" who's genetic makeup gave them abilities beyond those of normal people. Brought together by Charles Xavier, a man with a dream of peaceful co-existance between human and mutant kind.

Created by Stan Lee all those years ago, the Uncanny X-Men had quite a shakey start, being cancelled by issue 56, and went into a re-print run. However, with issue 100 approaching, Giant Sized X-Men #1 was released. Which introduced us to another group of young mutants, to come together as X-men. Over the years, Uncanny X-Men has spread out into many different titles, such as X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, Excalibur, Mutant X and several ones shots, single star character comics such as Cable and X-Man, and the list only continues to grow.

Here you will read about these seemingly real people who make up the X-Universe, and about the events they have gone through for one simple cause. One simple dream. The peaceful co-existance between Humans and Mutants.
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